Hello, Crochet Friends

I want to share small but unique and fun things

that I can make easy and fast crochet here..

6 years old companyarn

I started crochet a little late.

I have been working for a large IT company in Korea for a long time.

I always get tired when I come home because I work so long.

I used to sleep like I was dead.

And then I left the company, and I happened to start crocheting.

After that, my mind and my life have stabilized and I feel better.

I got a lot of help.

I’m still working, and I’m still focused on crochet during my break.

Funny, isn’t it? Crocheting isn’t a job. It’s a real break.

And looking for pictures of crochet knitters all over the world.

I like to see it and follow it.

Well, then I feel like I’m starting to feel like that again.

Especially, I like crochet more than just knitting.

‘Cause I like the unique texture and the realism I have in my hands

Maybe it’s because I’m an IT worker dealing with the virtual world.

I think someone can relate to this feeling.

Then let’s have a fun together.


is the compound word of “Company + Yarn”

I made it up for fun!

Let’s have a fun crochet together

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